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We are building a tribe... a group of people who have things to say to the world. If you are a speaker, a leader, an entrepreneur or just someone with a lot of ideas, then learning how to harness the power of your voice will hugely increase your ability to influence audiences. Join us in this journey. We will send you articles, blog posts, videos and other offers from time to time. If you send us feedback, we will pass it on. We are all learning. We are all improving our skills. We are a tribe.

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  • 7 Fatal Voice Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make when Pitching  
    Things you don't even hear yourself saying...
  • The Research & Neuroscience of the Effect of Your VOICE
    This is something you need to know about if you present often
  • How your Voice can Instantly Ruin Your First Impressions 
    And the research & science behind why this is so critical...
  • What Kills Investor and Customer Pitches 
    Why this is so important and what to do for an easy fix...
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This 15 page document is about the fatal mistakes that many speakers make with voice. It will help you to understand some of the important things you need to know about your own voice. If you pitch, present or lead meetings, then this document will provide you with some valuable tips about how your voice can increase your influence and impact. 


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